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If you're looking to drive yourself insane; design your own wedding! 

If you're ready to bypass the craziness, you're in the right place.

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When Michael and I got engaged we both knew, no doubt that we wanted a destination wedding.  We each have our fair share of experience in the Wedding Industry.  Michael runs a DJ Entertainment business and I have my Creative Design + Decor business.  Our aversion to traditional weddings paired with our desire to truly connect with each other and our friends/family meant we had no choice but to steal everyone away from their normal routine for a weekend in paradise - as the Future Mr. & Mrs. Lopez, Puerto Rico was a no brainer.

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With paradise in mind, we selected Fairmount El San Juan Hotel for our guests’ stay and Siesta Alegre, a Spanish Colonial Hacienda within the El Yunque Rainforest, for our ceremony and reception.  What naturally followed, as a creative was designing every detail down to the cigar wrappers at our reception.  


I began this process by creating a logo design for the wedding personal to our life-long collaboration as a couple, and in our work.  Once that was determined I got to work on the graphic design for our save-the-dates and invites.

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From there I made renderings of what I wanted our centerpieces, table settings, bride & groom table, seating chart and other key details to look like.  I fabricated everything I could.  We crammed everything into checked luggage in-house from the signage to a macrame DJ booth.

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Michael spent months curating an auditory experience that included an extensive song list incorporating Latin tunes and popular music.  He creared a day-of flow and mood with his right-hand DJ, Smooth.  An "Unfiltered Romance in a Puerto Rican Utopia" is how I would describe our wedding vision.  This included everything from a tear-jerking speech on chaos and optimism to dancing bachata for our first dance.  From my experience in design and displays and Michael's in entertainment, we've developed sincere relationships with the vendors we work with.  We've created a network of grade A people through our own trial and error.  From that network we built a vendor team of good hearts and talent for our big day.

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It's been exactly a month since we got married and we're still hearing buzz from our bash.  Guests and vendors alike remark at the one-of-a-kind experience that we created on the weekend of 3.27.21. 

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What everyone didn't see, was me running around like a maniac starting January 2020 (forget not that a pandemic shortly ensued).  But, because of my mania, determined attention to detail, and our supportive vendors (turned family), I was able to completely relax, enjoy, and be in the moment of not only all my hard work but the love I have for all my friends, family and the love of my life. 

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A wedding should personify the energy of the couple, it’s a celebration of their love and bond not to be limited by expected traditions and industry systems.  My mission is to be able to give the time, attention to detail and customization to other couples who are looking to have their dreams come to fruition WITHOUT the hassle that builds my experience.  

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WEDDING PLANNER:  @Maplestreetmoderndesign

DESIGN/DECOR:  @Maplestreetmoderndesign

VENUE:  @Siestaalegrevenue

FLORIST:  @Natliriano

PHOTOGRAPHY:  @Tessamarieimages

CATERING:  @Mesa364

CAKE:  @Carocakespr

DJ/ENTERTAINMENT:  @Lopezisland_ x @Smooth_thedj

WEDDING DRESS:  @Kimberlyjamesbridal

ALTERATIONS:  @Anilasdressmaker_


TAILOR:  @Angeldtailor

HAIR / MAKEUP: @Makeupbyadrielortiz


DANCE LESSONS:  @Estilo_dancestudio

INVITATIONS: @Maplestreetmoderndesign

WELCOME BASKETS: @Maplestreetmoderndesign

FACE MASKS: @Violetandbrooks_

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