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A wedding should personify the energy of the couple, it’s a celebration of their love and bond not to be limited by expected traditions and industry systems.

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As a creative innovator in

the wedding and corporate event industry, my dedicated team will bring your wildest wedding vision to life. 

We will work hand-and-hand with you on design, planning, and production phases of your wedding so you know exactly what the final event will look and feel like when produced.  Trust us to show you just how small the world is and make your dreams - a reality.

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We design exceptional one-of-a kind experiences.  From invitation suites to event design and execution we create experiences that capture your unique energy as a couple and nod to the culture of your destination.

For booking information, please email as soon as you start planning your destination wedding.  We can work with you to source a grade-A vendor team and design with this team in mind to ensure a coehesive unique experience for your big day.  From the welcome party through your entire wedding weekend, we will help to maximize your budget beyond expectation.

We are happy to offer in house entertainment add-ons by our life/business partner, Lopez Island.  With 8 years experience in the Wedding Industry, Michael can work with you to provide a boutique auditory experience curated specifically for you as a couple.  We gauruntee a full dancefloor all night long. 


Trust and transparent communication, hand in hand with design, thats how successful events happen.

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